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ByKim Tan


Workshop Summary

(A free ½ day Interactive Performance Management Program)


In today’s global business environment, an organization success is judged not only by how well its financial success is, but also how well it develops its human capital to support the business process and drives the intended strategic direction.

Putting in place an effective Human Capital Performance Management Solution has to be the number One Strategic Priority and a Key Differentiation to help achieve long term Sustainability.

First of all, it has to be clear that Performance Management Solution is NOT Performance Appraisal System. This is the most unfortunate misconception in the HR Fraternity that in many times, most Performance Management Development Initiatives are all about acquiring a Performance Appraisal System. That is why, in most cases, it ended up with a system that is difficult to be implemented due to lack of understanding, poorly developed frameworks and unorganized contents.

Most Performance Management Systems are not structured properly and are outdated by today’s business standards, be it ICT driven or not. As a result, organizations are not able to meaningfully and objectively measure the performance of individual, business unit and organization. Rewards are also not able to be distributed fairly.

This workshop provides an insight on:-

  • A systematic approach on how to set-up a Performance Management Solution
  • The “6 Steps To Performance Effectiveness” method to develop Performance Metrics sets
  • The criteria to set meaningful target and target range
  • Knowledge on how to carry out competency profiling and proficiency exercise by Job Level based on the
    provided set of competencies (4 Behavioral Levels)
  • The criteria to set-up Performance Management System
  • Knowledge on how to put in place an effective Performance Management Solution and efficiently carry out
    Yearly Performance Assessment Exercise
  • What it takes to put in place an Objective Based Performance Management Solution
  • Key factors in developing Performance Standard for Implementation
  • The “6 Steps To Performance Effectiveness” method to develop Performance Metrics sets
  • How to set Meaningful Target and Target Range for different types of measures
  • How to carry out Competency Profiling and Proficiency Exercise by job level based on the provided set of competencies (4 Behavioral Levels)
  • Learn Bonus Pool and Assigned Methods to Distribute reward fairly
  • Learn how to overcome the Various Pitfall in PMS Implementation

We will be providing each participant a latest fully working copy of the Performance Management System including the Automated Excel Bonus, Increment Distribution and targeting setting system.

It gives us great pleasure to extend two (2) exclusive invitations per organization for the event to either :

  1. Managing Director , Chief Executive Officer The Senior Manager, Director OR Chief Operating Officer.

As this is a limited invitation-only event, on a first come first serve basis, we would appreciate a quick confirmation of attendance by providing :-

a complete name of Organization with the address and telephone no, name of interested participants with their designations and email addresses to Ms Kim Tan via email kim@empowering1.com or contact 019 2569053

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Kindly contact Ms Kim Tan, at 019 2569053, or email kim@empowering1.com for reservation and details.
Thank you.

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