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ByKim Tan

Summarizing and Analyzing Business Data using Pivot Table

Summarizing and Analyzing Business Data using Pivot Table

1-day Workshop


PivotTables are powerful data analysis tools, yet most Excel users don’t use them to their fullest potential. This class shows you why PivotTables are so versatile for Business data analysis and how you can leverage PivotTables to rapidly spot trends and make fast business decisions on mountains of data.

Who Should Attend

This course is highly recommended for heavy users of Microsoft Excel especially professionals who have made Microsoft Excel as an indispensable tool at work. Most reports at work will be simplified extensively with usage of the PivotTable and PivotChart tool. Target Audience involved Business Owner, Business Heads, HR Directors, HR Managements & Heads of Departments

Course pre-requisites

Delegates enrolling in this course should understand the basics of Windows. They should already have experience working with Microsoft Excel basic calculation such as SUM.

Course Outline

Day 1
Module 1 – Introduction to PivotTables
• Provides an overview of Microsoft Excel PivotTable and the benefits of using Pivot Table.

Module 2 – Creating Pivot Tables
• This module will exposed the participants to the various methods of creating PivotTable based on the various types of data that can be found in Excel or external data.

Module 3 – Working with Pivot Table Components
• Moving forward, participants will uncover the different sections of the PivotTable and how to manipulate them to into a report.

Module 4 – Using Pivo Tables in the Real World
• This module will exposed the participants to some real world cases where they get to do some data crunching using what have been taught from the previous modules.

Module 5 – Working with Pivot Charts
• This module will exposed the good uses of PivotChart and on how to manipulate it.

Module 6 – Analyzing Multidimensional Data with PivotTables
• This module dealt with what is Multidimensional Data and how to use PivotTable to analyze them

Module 7 – Using External Data Sources for PivotTables
• This module will provided skills to the participants to extract data from external source such as Microsoft Access database.

Module 8 – Macro recording (VBA) for Pivot Table

• This module will expose the participants with Macro recording to create automated pivot table for all those repetitive reports.

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